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Easter Basket Goodies

Easter Basket Goodies


This adorable Easter Basket is on the smallish side, measureing approx. 2.5"x 1.75"x 1.25" high.  The handle adds an additional 1.25", making the total height 2.5".  But, it can still hold quite a few eggs and candies, and it makes a super cute table decoration for your dolly's Easter table!  


- Basket comes with Easter grass, a foam carrot decoration, and a fluffy chick decoration.

- Glitter eggs come in a set of 5 colors, and are made of foam.  

- Plastic Egg comes in two different styles --Open egg has 6 mini bunny and chick candies inside, but cannot be reclosed.  Closed egg comes with 15 pastel Jellybeans inside that can be removed with a little shaking to get them out of the hole.  These are adorable for setting up scenes and pretend play.  Colors of plastic eggs will be chosen randomly.

- Cadbury Eggs are sold individually


Peeps can be found in another listing, sold separatley.

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