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Thanksgiving Left Overs

Thanksgiving Left Overs


What's dolly's favorite thing about Thanksgiving, besides EVERYTHING??  Eating left overs and not having to cook for the rest of the week!  Your dolly will be able to lay around all fat and happy, while occasionally snacking from the tupperware containers of yummy left overs in her fridge.  Or, enjoying a turkey sandwich made on a Parker House Roll.  And which dolly will get to have that last piece of pumpkin pie that has been tucked away in back of the fridge?  Well, probably the sneakiest one.  Or the one that gets up in the middle of the night!


Each tupperware container is sold filled with food that is removable.  Large container comes in Purple, Blue, or Lime Green,  measures 3.75" diameter and contains Turkey slices both light and dark meat, a Turkey leg, and Bread Stuffing.  Medium square container has a white lid, measures 2.5" x 2.125" and contains Orange Glazed Green Beans with Cranberries, and Acorn Squash Slices.  Small container has a pink or blue lid, measures 2.125" diameter and contains Sweet Potato Casserole.


Parkerhouse  Roll Sammies are sold individually.  Pumpkin Pie slices are sold individually, and come with a dollop of Whipped Cream that can be served on the side or on top.

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