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Spaghetti Making Ingredients

Spaghetti Making Ingredients


Choose your dolly's favorite Spaghetti Inngredients from the drop down menu below!

- Raw Hamburger comes with a tray that is removable

- Box of Spaghetti is loose inside an openable box

- Roma Tomatoes are sold individually, and come in varied shapes and sizes

- Head of Garlic is sold individually

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle has removable cork top

- Balsamic Vinegar has removable cork top

- Olive Medley Jar has 17 removable olives inside, and a removable cork top

- Dish of Oil & Vinegar is adhered to the ceramic plate

- Small loaf of Italian bread comes sliced for dipping in your dolly's oil and vinegar or sopping up the extra sauce on her plate!

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