We specialize in creating high quality, unique, realistic looking, handmade food items that are sized for 18" dolls, that every girl and her doll will go crazy for and at significantly lower prices than brand name doll foods and accessories.


We have received excellent feedback from our customers and we believe that you will be beyond satisfied with our products. We strive for excellence in our creations and hope you will enjoy them for years to come. Great for collectors and doll lovers of all ages! 


The nature of a specialty shop such as ours means that we keep quite a small inventory on hand, and we are continually cooking up delicious new and favorite recipes so check back often to keep your doll's kitchen well stocked and full of variety! Sign up for our mailing list to be among the first to hear about our new items and sales.






Dolly's Dining Room ships all orders from Washington state in the United States. Because shipping costs to countries outside the U.S. vary greatly, shipping on all international orders will be calculated separately in order to offer you the best possible shipping cost to your country. As you complete your order through Paypal you will initially pay for your merchandise only, then after we receive your order we will weigh the items and calculate the costs for shipping. Then, we will email you an invoice where you will be able to pay for the shipping. Once the shipping payment is received we will ship your items.


Dolly's Dining Room ships all orders from Washington state in the United States. We use USPS to ship all of our packages, according to the following weight requirements: If your package weighs less than 13 ounces, we will ship by 1st Class Mail.  If your order weighs over 13 ounces but less than 2 pounds, we will ship via Priority Mail, and if your package weighs more than 2 pounds, we will ship in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  This is the least expensive way we have found.  We only raise our shipping rates when USPS raises their rates.

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