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Candy Store ($1 - $3)

Candy Store ($1 - $3)


Let your dolly choose her favorites from our Candy Store!  Perfect for setting up scenes for decorating gingerbread houses, or for an old fashioned country store.  


- Gumdrops come in set of 14 pieces, random colors

- Lemon, Lime, Orange, & Watermelon slices come in sets of 5 pieces

- Gummy Bears come in set of 5 pieces, random mix of red and green

- Peppermint Mix comes in set of 10 pieces, random shapes and sizes

- Old Fashioned Hard Tack Candy comes in set of 10 pieces, random shapes and colors

- Christmas Ribbon Candy Mix - approx 5-6 pieces per set, random sizes and patterns

- Lollipops come in set of 2, random shapes and sizes

- Salt Water Taffy - comes in set of 5 pieces, random colors and patterns

- Whole Ribbon Candy is approx 1" long, and comes in various colors and patterns.  Your colors will be chosen randomly.

- Candycanes are sold individually

- Chocolate Bars can be unwrapped, and are sold individually



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